Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Stranded in Portland

Near the end of my tour of the Northwest with Kellie Forbes. We've been stranded in Portland for two extra days due to snow on the mountain passes. Of all the places to be stranded this is a pretty good one.

I love Portland. It's a sophisticated small city that is surprisingly cosmopolitan. It's also very wet, and very green--a nice contrast to the vast mountain west and southwest that I know much better.

These past two days I spent more time with local friends, went to a vineyard, and enjoyed the area. Heading home to Idaho tomorrow. Home is where my Airstream and puppy are--this has been an Airstreamless leg of my travels. Home for the moment is also my sister Elise's farm.

Kellie and I are still on speaking terms after nearly two weeks together. That's a good thing! We both tend toward being a little bull-headed. I was mostly an assistant to her on these two shows, with a fraction of my normal inventory out and for sale. We had a major theft at our Tacoma show which was a serious downer. It was her inventory that took the hit. She'll survive it, but the thief dealt a blow. Sunday night we wrapped the Portland show and packed up. It was a two margarita dinner for me afterwards and the alchohol was welcome after a long weekend.

Homesick for my Airstream, my pup, my sister, nephew, and all of our horses in Idaho.