Wednesday, January 31, 2018

My latest Airstream, updates

Some major happenings since July:
  • Picked up my Airstream from Camper Reparadise mid-July
  • Two local trips in the Wasatch Mountains in mid to late July, including five nights at one of my all-time favorite RV campsites, which will remain unnamed here
  • An Airstream trip to Stanley, Idaho to see my sister, nephew, and Lisa (a friend)
  • Another to Casper, Wyoming for the solar eclipse where I had a world-class boondocking spot. The eclipse was damn cool. We were in the path of totality. 
  • A reconnecting trip with the Airstream community when I went to Mesa Verde National Park for a Four Corners Unit rally of the Wally Byam Caravan Club International (the Airstream club) over Labor Day
  • Then I lost my Airstreaming steam, I think that was my last trip of the year
  • Did some fun other travel, both personal and work--especially New York and L.A.
  • Had a not-so-great trip to Canada over the Christmas to New Year holiday, crazy cold and other things. It was my first time to Banff. It was -40 F many nights and subzero until the last two days when it peeked above zero. No Airstream on that trip. 
  • And . . . decided to sell my Airstream!
I love it, but it still needs work and I hit my limit on putting money into it. It looks like I've found a nice new home for it! Sure hope so. 

And the coolest thing of all . . . in October I helped rescue a tyrannosaur! Read more about that here.

The final shot of my 1962 Airstream Safari. It's headed to a new home. Our time together ended up being brief, but I loved it. It was also an important step for me toward the road of becoming a recovering Airstreamer. I still love them, but my fixation is maybe a bit more healthy now. 

Bryce and the Tyrannosaur rescue mission--October

Bryce Canyon! Or maybe near there . . . definitely Bryce formation. #stunning

Me in the quarry where we recovered the most complete tyrannosaur ever found in the southwestern U.S. at Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.  

Photo from November (ish). The head of the tyrannosaur as NHMU preparators began to extract it from the rock matrix. 

Again, read more about the tyrannosaur rescue operation here.

Getting out with the Airstream

The last of my January catch up posts.

These are all images from the first two outings in my 1962 Airstream. Both were in the Wasatch Mountains, not far from my house and featuring my boy Jake.