Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ohio Woods at Clear Fork

Just did a beautiful evening hike through the woods along Clear Fork Reservoir. Jake was running around like a maniac, having a blast. Magic, my mom's dog, stayed closer. It's hard to photograph these woods, but they have a magic about them and are beautiful.

Jake with Magic

Jake poses with his friend Magic at a ruin of a 19th or early 20th century house. The house was eminent-domained in the 1950s to make Clear Fork Reservoir outside of Lexington, Ohio less than a mile from our farm.

Pre-Summer Solstice Update

I've only been gone from Phoenix for two months--a few days shy actually. Seems like ages ago when I pulled out of that metropolis.

The past two weeks have been dominated by my acquisition of the 1968 Airstream--my second. It needs a ton of work. I had no great reason to buy it, but I could, so I did. I had a blast working on it and prepping it for resale. It's already sold for early July pickup. It was not a profitable endeavor but I learned a lot and it was a fun distraction.

My mom had an open house at her farm last week featuring my business--Utahredrock. I saw a lot of family friends and they bought a few things too! Can't beat that. This weekend is my first in a month with no show of any kind.

I head out again next week for two to four weeks of shows. I'll be back in Ohio at least some in July before heading to New York via the D.C. area.

At the end of June and early July I'll be a vendor at the 50th Annual International Airstream Rally in Perry, Georgia. I can't wait to meet some more Airstreamers!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

The 1968 Airstream

My 1968 Airstream parked at Animal Safety Products in Mansfield, Ohio. It wasn't welcome on the family farm. I guess one Airstream is the limit there!

My Home in Illinois

I had about 30 acres to myself at the Dupage County Fairgrounds west of Chicago. That's where my Chicago show was held. It was a great place to retire to after long show days. This is my 1973 Airstream. At the Chicago show I met Joan, a full time RVer and going solo at 80 years old. She was an amazing and fun woman. We had a beer in her motorhome and she told me of some of her adventures on the road.

Here's Sue

They found Sue's remains in Michigan and rebuilt them at Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History. A full size replica of her head was adjacent to my booth at the Detroit show I did. I made a point of going to the Field Museum while in Chicago because they have one of the world's largest meteorite collections. Only a fraction of it was on display, but it was definitely worth the stop. It's quite a museum.

Back in Ohio

I am back in Ohio for a respot before hitting the road again on June 20th. I just purchased a 1968 30-foot Airstream Sovereign. It's a rock star's dream. ; )

My 18 day tour was fun. I visited Detroit, Ann Arbor, Columbus, Chicago, and Toledo. It was productive too. I saw my friend Marc B who had an amazing run in Eastern Europe (especially Poland) in the 1990s. He started what became MTV Poland and sold to MTV. That was just one of his many venures there. He's now based in a beautiful house in Wilmette, IL with his growing family. The last time I saw him was in 1987 and the last time I visited him in Chicago was 1984.

In Columbus I met and conversed at length with the Chairman of Airstream, Larry Huttle. A very nice guy. He takes it upon himself to meet up with Airstream fanatics like me.

All's well. I am working hard and having fun.