Sunday, July 24, 2005

2012 update: Pure fraud.

AP Photo.

Sonoran Salute

As Lance Armstrong was pedaling in to Paris this morning to seal his seventh Tour de France victory I rose early to do some pedaling of my own. I left my house just as the sun peeked over the Sonoran Desert horizon. Twenty minutes later I rendezvoused with my friends John, Bill, and Rick and we did a tribute ride to Lance.

Our route was about thirty-five miles long taking us about 2.5 hours on our mountain bikes. Along the way we saw at least half a dozen riders wearing yellow jerseys in honor of Armstrong.

Lance’s superhuman achievement is an inspiration. He may have a genetic advantage over most of us, but far more than that he has heart. He is a man who knows how to dream and follow his dreams. From conquering cancer, to conquering the biking world he is one of the great inspirations of our times.

And he’s human too. His speech from the winner’s podium had an oddly bitter note as he addressed the critics of cycling, whoever they are. But an off note on this last day of cycling career is allowed. We all have our days.

For good and bad this is Lance’s day.

Here’s to Lance and here’s to having a dream.

What’s your dream?


Jim Breitinger
The Sonoran Desert