Wednesday, February 25, 2009

32.3 pound Campo del Cielo meteorite

Weighing in at 32.3 pounds (14.655 kilograms) this is the largest meteorite to date offered by Utahredrock. This meteorite originated in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, and was recovered from northern Argentina where it collided with our planet about 5,000 years ago. Campo del Cielo translates as field of the skies. Campo meteorites are the most affordable of the iron-nickel meteorites on the market today purely due to supply and demand--many Campos have been recovered from the field in the past five to ten years making them more readily available than any other iron-nickel meteorite. Other iron-nickel meteorites with similar total known weight include Arizona's Canyon Diablo and Russia's Sikhote-alin. The Arizona and Russian meteorites, which are of similar composition as the Campos, regularly sell for $1 to $2 per gram. Unique pieces can go for much more. The supply of fresh Campos, however, is drying up and high quality Campos like this one will be appreciating in value in the near future--even in a tough economy there is just so much of this material and it is likely to hold its value.

Utahredrock guarantees the authenticity of all meteorites sold.

Campo view two

32.3 pound Campo del Cielo meteorite.

Campo view three

32.3 pound Campo del Cielo meteorite.

Natural American Turquoise--Nevada

Beautiful turquoise pendant by Lebe Loola, SOLD--however, we have many other beautiful pieces by Lebe Loola. Support Dusty Boots, as well as Amy of Lebe Loola, a modern American woman with amazing talent who is currenlty supporting herself through nursing school.

The Buddhist Collection at Utahredrock

Large wooden Buddha SOLD, gold Buddhist monk $125, Buddha heads carved from stone $35.

Happy Buddhas

Ceramic Buddha SOLD, gold Buddha, SOLD.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Esquel meteorite pendant

Designed by Michigan's Amy Sorensen of Lebe Loola, this unique pendant is from out of this world. The pendant contains a thin slice of the highly sought after Esquel pallasite meteorite. Pallasites are very rare and contain olivine crystals--actual gems from outer space.

Spring 2009 Update:

This pendant SOLD, however, if you would like something similar, please call me at 801.971.5240.

Photos by Geoffrey Notkin of Aerolite Meteorites.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

With one of my big meteorites

Here I am with a 27 pound meteorite I sold at the 2009 Tucson Gem Show. Photo by Rich Luhr of Airstream Life.

Geoffrey Notkin of Aerolite Meteorites

World famous meteorite hunter Geoffrey Notkin, and one half of the infamous Meteorite Men duo, at his shop at the Tucson Gem Show, February 2009, Room 230, The Inn Suites. Be sure to visit Geoffrey's web site--Aerolite Meteorites. Link is on the right side of this page.

The Portraits of Arizona Series, by Utahredrock, 2009.


Spirit Davis, one of the world's greatest women, at Tucson's Electric Park.

The Portraits of Arizona Series, by Utahredrock, 2009.

A Tucson legend

Working a deal, Tucson Gem Show legend Zee Haag at the 2009 show--Tucson's Electric Park.

The Portraits of Arizona Series, by Utahredrock, 2009.

Blue Rocketeers Jim and Bettie

They live in the Blue Rocket--a school bus converted in to a home. They are musicians, artists, fellow travelers, and friends from Tucson's 2009 gem show.

The Portraits of Arizona Series, by Utahredrock, 2009.

Colorado Jim

My neighbor at the Tucson show.

The Portraits of Arizona Series, by Utahredrock, 2009.