Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Demo phase, out with a bang.

Self portrait from midnight last night. The demo phase is 95% done on the remodel. I seem to have saved the dirtiest, nastiest job for last. This is saying something because the whole process has been pretty dirty. I'd just finished removing the pre-1953 kitchen ceiling which has loose insulation called rock wool. It's apparently not as dangerous as asbestos to breathe, but it's probably close. I did wear a mask. I was in reality much dirtier than this photo shows.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Before (and during) the demolition.

Kitchen installed after December 1953 (likely). Found newspaper with that date in the ceiling.


Kitchen after the demo, at night.
The kitchen, after the demo and door to rear porch.
The pantry is gone. On the left, hall to front of house.

Looking in to the kitchen from what was the third bedroom on the first floor. Looking through the former pantry.

Living room.

Old dining area.

Master bedroom.

Area of new master bath:

January 25 update:
This is a close-up of the new bathroom floor, which is the lower right corner from the above photo . . . transformed!

The 1970s wood paneling and drop-ceiling need to go . . . now. Note location of left window in room.

Note location of right window in room, you can also see inset where I am planning to add a door into what was a door in the past.