Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Art Show at Whiskey Creek--Kuna, Idaho

The art show at Whiskey Creek Farms featured jewelry from a select group of top American artists.

Kellie Forbes of Accent Artistry. Utah resident Kellie Forbes does a lot of business in Idaho. She is an extremely talented jewelry designer and a popular artist at Boise's "Art in the Park." Kellie masterfully composes pieces of jewelry made with gemstone beads and pearls. She's a silver artist and makes glass too.

Amy S of Lebe Loola. A Utahredrock favorite. Scroll down for more on Lebe Loola including some photos that give you an idea of Amy's outstanding work. Amy is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan and is a well known artist in the East. This is the first time her work has been shown in Idaho.

Sabra of Need to Bead. Boise's own bead goddess from Boise's best bead shop. Sabra's commitment to her art is palpable when you meet her and see her in action at Need to Bead. She is also an expert instructor and teaches beading classes right here in Boise.

Ron of RSB Designs. From his studio in Park City, Utah, Ron is known throughout the mountain West for his work. He's a regular artist at the prestigious Sun Valley and Park City art festivals. His work is unique, expensive, and worth every dime. In his own words: “My focus when creating handcrafted jewelry is to produce mini sculptures which are whimsical with an edge of humor and discovery. The unpredictable use of traditional materials is a constant in my work. I envision my work adorning the body in everyday life.”

Dennis Brugman. The pieces we have from this veteran artisan are similar to those from Lebe Loola. We have about six malachite pendants mounted in sterling. Dennis does the lapidary work (cuts and polishes the stones) and the silver work. He's an immensely talented man.

Other: We have a variety of other jewelry too, most notably perhaps is the old-stock Indian jewelry dating from the early 1970s. These beautiful pieces were made in New Mexico and all of them feature beautiful varisite from northern Utah (almost Idaho!) a green stone often mistaken for turquoise. Utahredrock has other jewelry we've acquired as well, mostly from artists unknown--however, all of it was handmade by somebody somewhere.

Meteorites at an art/jewelry show? This is our specialty and is unrelated to jewelry though we have had some meteorite jewelry this year. Our extensive collection of rocks from space is a must see and if you're interested in these extraterrestrial gems, this is perhaps your best chance to buy a rock older than anything made by our planet by billions of years. This is natural cosmic art.

Thanks to everyone who visited us at Whiskey Creek