Friday, March 23, 2012

Images from opening day, City Creek Center, Salt Lake City, by Jim Breitinger.

These are images from the new City Creek Center, which opened yesterday in Salt Lake. I am not a big shopper, but I am thrilled with this addition to our city. It's beautifully done. Over 90 shops and restaurants, including Tiffany and Nordstrom. Over 1.5 billion dollars spent. New residential towers. Stunning views of the LDS Temple and Temple Square (I am not LDS, but appreciate what the Mormon church has done to establish SLC as a cultural center--even if the culture is a little vanilla). 

It's spectacular and only a ten minute walk from my new house. 

iPhone images by Jim Breitinger/Utahredrock. 

Woman and LDS Temple:
Crowds along the revived City Creek:
Boy and fountain:
Night scene, City Creek, spring 2012:
View just to the south from new condo at City Creek Center:
One of the fountains at night:
Lights at Nordstrom:
Painting of NYC at Tiffany's:
Street performer:
Couple and friends in front of Tiffany's:

Water dancing:
The old ZCMI facade revived as part of Macy's: