Tuesday, January 06, 2009

What is Quartzsite? And where is it?

Quartzsite is a tiny little desert town along Interstate 10 between Phoenix and Palm Springs, California.

It's a hardscrabble place that is sometimes called the poor man's Palm Springs.

Each winter, and in January especially, it fills up with people, most of whom come with their RVs. There are rock, gem, jewelry, RV, and car shows, as well as flea markets offering all sorts of stuff. Free spirits congregate in Quartzsite from all walks of life.

January of 2007 was my first time in Quartzsite and I loved it so much I stayed for 50 days--open for business the whole time with my traveling retail operation. I mentioned to Arizona's Governor Janet Napolitano last summer that I'd spent nearly two months in this little town. She looked at me twice and said “there must be quite a story behind that!”

Indeed there is.

Quartzsite is a fun, quirky place. I can't wait to set up there again! I'll be there soon. If you found this web site via Google, click here for more. After clicking, be sure to scroll down.