Friday, January 09, 2009

Paul the Naked Book Seller

Paul is featured in the current issue of Airstream Life, in the Quartzsite article. He's a reason to stop in Quartzsite any time of the year--a true desert character.

Originally posted January 16, 2008: Operating one of the finest independent bookstores we've ever visited, Paul Winer is one of Quartzsite's most famous residents. He was a male exotic dancer for 25 years. His act went beyond just stripping and included comedy, dance, and song. He parades around almost naked at his Quartzsite bookstore which is one of the few businesses in town opened year round. It was a cold day today in Quartzsite and he was wearing a sweater. He also had a sock-type contraption over his male parts but was bare beyond that.

The Portraits of Quartzsite series by Utahredrock, 2008.