Friday, January 09, 2009

Dapper Dan, Modern Day Hobo

Dapper Dan is back in 2009. He is now the father of a baby girl and will be a great dad. His lifestyle seems to be changing somewhat.

Originally posted January 14, 2008. Meet Dapper Dan. He's introduced me to a subculture I knew little about. He's a self described traveler and hobo, riding the rails as his method of transport. He goes where he wants, does what he wants, and lives with total freedom. When he works, he's a hard worker. He's also a smart and personable guy who has a lifestyle that makes mine look downright conventional. Dan works for a vendor near me in Quartzsite. He's sleeping in the desert with a tarp and his sleeping bag and a crew of fellow travelers.

The Portraits of Quartzsite Series by Utahredrock, 2008.