Sunday, March 12, 2006

Ben's Video Montage

Follow this link and select " . . . home video" at top. Be sure to click play after it's had a chance to download.

From Ben: "Unless you hadn’t written in 2 months, it wasn’t like Trudi to dwell on the past. That was her way of getting through it. I was fishing through some old letters, photos and movies last night and some memories started to come back. They were good memories of playing scrabble, her sharp wit, the jumble and Poinsettia Drive on the Cape. Rather than the tough last few years, I thought it would be good to forward these on to remember the better times. So here they are: a Berea High School football star, a future triathlete getting his sea legs, a kid who ran across the desert and a grandmother who loved them all even though she refused the title. That desert runner is burying myself in the sand in the yellow sweater she made him."

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