Thursday, May 08, 2008

Phoenix One

Quick update. I've just finished my first month back in Phoenix. All's well. The new job is fun and keeping me very busy. Jake gets to come to work with me, which we both love. Just paid for a second month at the RV park here. Will be moving out of the Airstream at the end of that time due to the hellish heat that will be arriving in 3-6 weeks. Don't know where in Phoenix I'll spend the summer, but am thinking I'll be back in the Airstream come October. Time will tell. More later.

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Anonymous said...

I spoke with you while I was in Tucson, AZ. Darla gave me your info.
You stated you would find the dealer's in the Colo Spgs/Denver Area who restored or worked on Airstreams. I could use it later on..I'm actively looking for a Airstream trailer.

Don Fulkerson