Saturday, June 16, 2007

Pre-Summer Solstice Update

I've only been gone from Phoenix for two months--a few days shy actually. Seems like ages ago when I pulled out of that metropolis.

The past two weeks have been dominated by my acquisition of the 1968 Airstream--my second. It needs a ton of work. I had no great reason to buy it, but I could, so I did. I had a blast working on it and prepping it for resale. It's already sold for early July pickup. It was not a profitable endeavor but I learned a lot and it was a fun distraction.

My mom had an open house at her farm last week featuring my business--Utahredrock. I saw a lot of family friends and they bought a few things too! Can't beat that. This weekend is my first in a month with no show of any kind.

I head out again next week for two to four weeks of shows. I'll be back in Ohio at least some in July before heading to New York via the D.C. area.

At the end of June and early July I'll be a vendor at the 50th Annual International Airstream Rally in Perry, Georgia. I can't wait to meet some more Airstreamers!