Thursday, March 01, 2007

Time of Transition

This is my last month with Western Governors University where I've worked this past year. WGU is an outstanding online university that is changing the way education is being delivered with their competency-based model. I highly recommend WGU to any adult who wants to finish a bachelor's or earn a master's in education, business, information technology, or the health professions. WGU is best for those over 23 who work full time or have other adult responsibilities.

As I finish my job this month I am packing up my house, selling off many of my belongings and preparing to move in to a recreational vehicle (RV) full time. I am shopping for the RV. I just bought a new truck to pull my soon to be purchased travel trailer.

After WGU I'll be self-employed at my new business: Utahredrock, LLC.

I've been in Arizona for nearly four years and will maintain an Arizona address. I've been in Phoenix for almost three years. I think my time in this house makes a new record for amount of time spent in one place since I left my childhood home. Pretty crazy!