Friday, March 16, 2007

Mel Robbins and Sirius Radio

In January after trying for a few months to make my job with WGU work, I realized it wasn't working and wasn't going to. This was pretty depressing but I was determined to continue to be proactive. If I couldn't get my job with the University to change, I wasn't going to let it bring me down. I decided I wanted a career coach.

I'd used one before who I liked but couldn't get in touch with her.

So I went online and started searching. I narrowed it down to a few candidates. On a whim I contacted Mel Robbins out of Boston. Her web site impressed me. I doubted if I could afford her, but the whole venture was an investment in myself--even if I had to borrow to do it. I wasn't going to just flounder.

I emailed Mel and she wrote back offering to work with me for free if I would do it on the air, on her soon to be launched show on Sirius Radio.

Sign me up!

We agreed to it, I then just had to wait for the show to start. Over the ensuing six weeks or so everything in my life changed. I indeed would be leaving the University. I'd found a niche where I could open my own business, something I've wanted to do for a while. I made the decision to move out of my house and in to a Airstream.

Today was my first "appearance" on her show. It was fun and different. It's hard to know how many people are listening. I realized afterwards how difficult it would be for people to get much sense of me or where I am coming from after our limited time on the air.

So I will be directing them here and hopefully talking to Mel for a while. Lord knows I could use a good coach!

Thanks Mel and Sirius for this opportunity. Thanks to anyone who is listening too. I'd love to hear from you at: