Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jim Range lives through the National Casting Call in Washington, D.C.

Tomorrow in D.C. the annual Jim Range National Casting Call is taking place. They renamed the event in honor of Jim. 
I met Jim in 1987 and was fortunate to have him as a major part of my life until he died in January of 2009 from an aggressive form of cancer. Talk about a loss--this man had so much heart, if you didn't know him it's impossible to describe. He was bigger than life--a genuine and wonderful character. His life's work was to protect and restore habitats for all of the wild things he loved, especially fish and birds. 

The Casting Call is an annual opportunity to "provide government decision makers with the opportunity to fish for shad in the Potomac River and learn about the importance of collaborative fisheries conservation." 

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