Monday, December 10, 2007

California Here We Come

Tomorrow we head to California! I'll be based on a friend's ranch near Fremont in the San Francisco Bay area.

Planning on a two day drive from Salt Lake City--with a loaded truck and a loaded Airstream. Today I borrowed a tent I'll need in January. It's 10 feet by 20. I thought it would be big, but didn't take into consideration the 360 pounds of cement that come with it! There are eight 45 pound pieces of cement that anchor the tent to the ground. I've picked up other inventory here in Salt Lake as well. When I load up tomorrow I'll be packing in more than ever before.

Last weekend we held The Holiday Show at Sugarhood. The show went well and I reconnected with many old friends. Sugarhood has been home since December 1. It is our nickname for the area just west of Sugarhouse--a part of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Special thanks to Pippa and Kirk, and everyone who was able to come by, as well as those who let me stop by to see them.

California here we come.