Sunday, September 09, 2007

September Morn, Dutchess County, New York

Ohhhhhhhh . . .

Life on the farm
Is kind of laid back
Ain’t nothin an Airstreamer like me can’t hack
Early to bed
Early in the sack
Thank God I’m an Airstreamin’ boy

Since early August I've been based at Windrock Farm, my sister's place between Millbrook and Amenia, New York. Still traveling a lot too.

I’ve been Airstreamless since August 13th!

It’s a crime.

Reunited with my trailer briefly from August 22nd to the 28th.

It’s at Colin Hyde's in Plattsburgh, New York getting new axles and a thousand other little things including some replaced floor and new floor covering.

This Airstream is becoming high cotton.

Pick up my home around September 19th.

In the meantime being at Windrock Farm is like taking on the lifestyle of the rich and famous. It's a spectacular property, especially if you like horses. The main house is huge, about 10,000 square feet. The barn apartment isn’t too shabby either. I’ve stayed in both. For pictures and more info go to
Pictures don’t do it justice but you can get a sense. Go to for more on my sister.

She has treated me like visiting royalty (so I like to think).

Today I leave for a trip to New York City and Denver traveling by plane, train, and rented automobile. There’s a huge rock show there and I am showing some premium meteorites I’ve acquired in the past month. For more on the Denver show go to

Since leaving Aiken in early July (see below) I’ve been to too many places to mention. In brief: 14 states plus D.C. Mostly in the East but I also spent a weekend at a seminar in Las Vegas with my mom and my sister Elise (of Idaho). As of this writing I’ve been to 25 states plus D.C. so far this year. Not one state is a “new” state for me!

Famous people I’ve seen since Aiken (famous in my world, not including immediate family): Jim, Alison, and Kim Range, Colin and Suzanne Hyde, Rich and Eleanor Luhr, Valerie Leonard, Harley Muse, Christy Williams, Jim and Tally, James Ray, Tom Sullivan, Martin Zinn, and many more.

Become an Airstreamer and buy a meteorite. Your life will never be the same.

Sunday Morning
Windrock Farm
New York