Thursday, November 09, 2006

Arlington 2006

A caisson carrying the remains of Capt. Shane T. Adcock of the Army in October at Arlington as his widow, Jennifer, follows.

Never forget those who make the ultimate sacrifice. This image is a result of political decisions, yet it also transcends politics. This young man represents the best of our country. His loss is a tragedy.

During the Vietnam War President Lyndon Johnson brooded for hours, days, months, and the rest of his years on earth over the loss of life resulting from his policies. Many Johnson insiders and historians agree that at some point Johnson knew what a terrible mistake he had made by escalating the war in Vietnam.

Johnson stepped aside in 1968, as the quagmire of Vietnam became more apparent. But even LBJ found it difficult (or for whatever reason) did not change course in Vietnam. It took 5-7 more years and a different president (Nixon) to pull us out of there. Meanwhile fully one half of the American deaths in Vietnam came after Johnson left office. Will we learn from that history lesson?

Did you know that one of the main outcomes out of the Iraq War to date is the dramatic increase in the power of Iran and the reduction of American power and influence in the Middle East (because we're bogged down ineffectively in Iraq)?

Photo from The NY Times.

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