Saturday, February 19, 2005

Hite Marina

Lake Powell at Hite, January 3, 2005.

This photo is a shot down from the same bluff where I took the previous picture. The previous photo is the left side of this image looking further north and east. The Colorado River is immediately below me and is not visible in this photo. Think of it as the bottom of this image.

In the upper center, just right of center is the boat ramp for Hite Marina. The boat ramp looks like an airport landing strip. The marina is, obviously, inoperable. On the upper left side (if you enlarge this by double clicking on it) you'll see a speck of color. The color is from the buildings at the marina.

When I drove through in early January the gas station was open with no attendants. It was automated, pay with your credit card, and pump yourself. Not a soul was around during my stop and the lake/reservoir could not be seen at all. The store at the marina was shut for the winter. The marina will not be a marina again until the lake rises. At the time of this photograph the reservoir was at about 50% of its capacity, a level last seen in 1972 when Lake Powell was filling for the first time--a process that took seventeen years.

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