Friday, June 10, 2022

Taking a Social Break

Nearly eight years ago, for the first time, I made a conscious choice and paused my social media use. 

I enjoy social media, however, it's also addictive and it's an all too easy way to wither away time. 

So this summer, it's time for a social media break--which for me means Instagram and Facebook these days. I've already sworn off Twitter (endlessly repetitive politics in my feed) and TikTok. Talk about addictive, TikTok can really suck you in!

I'll be back in the fall . . . hopefully not sooner!

Thanks to my IG and Facebook friends who followed me through my home renovation. I loved your support along the way. 

Any posts this summer will be here at As someone who is a social media marketer (since 2008!) I am aware that if I don't share my blog posts on my social channels, hardly anyone will see them. 

Oh well. 

I will likely use FB Messenger via the app on my phone, because so many people I know use it to stay in touch. Though it may be deleted at times too! Email and phone will be the best way to reach me. 

Here's to more of an analog and in-person summer! And maybe more posting and writing here at Utahredrock.