Monday, December 10, 2012

November in New York, 2012.

All dressed up in Brooklyn Heights, less than a mile from the World Trade Center. Going for a circa 1915 look.  

Out in Dutchess County again. I love it here! These are the ears of Beau, aka George (recognize him Briony?). My sister Elise imported him from Ireland years ago, now Cari has him. 

How cool is this? That's me up there on Listo, an Andalusion stallion. 

Cold, tired, and very happy. 

The Oregonian: John Freeman, with Listo (Rex in the back). 

Lunar Lilly, at seven months. I named her. 


Thanks Cari!

My sister, Cari Swanson, and I photographed in Prospect Park, New York City.

Driving horses at Windrock Farm, Dutchess County, New York.

Beginning on Thanksgiving day, at my sister's farm in New York, we practiced driving teams of horses over the next five days. I rode quite a few too. Got some amazing shots. All iPhone photography by Utahredrock, or Cole (the two shots of me). Love this black and white one.

Me driving:

Some great shots of the Nebraska boys (and an Oregonian):