Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Early July 2011--Utah!

I just spent four amazing days in Utahredrock country. Despite the influence this corner of the world has held over me since 1988, I haven't enjoyed it too much in the past decade. This was a trip to make up for lost time.

Our trip in brief: Camp night one outside of Cedar City in the pines and near a gurgling stream, high elevation biking at Bryan Head on a difficult trail with no skewer holding my front tire on to my bike frame (I somehow managed to ride most of the way without serious incident), small party on night two at the alpine Bryan Head campsite from hell (with junior ecoterrorists on ATVs using our campsite drive as a turnaround--covering us in dust and making a hell of a racket), napping the next morning, an easy and beautiful ride around Navajo Lake, finding a quintessential southern Utah redrock desert campsite at Red Canyon between Panguitch and Bryce Canyon for nights three and four, great meals, biking the stunning Casto Canyon and missing a turn but having an amazing ride all the same, more fun at the campsite, the final day with a final ride and not wanting to even look at my bike (too damn tired!), but look at it I did and despite an easy trail still managing to injure myself (re-sprained ankle).

Utah's redrock country speaks to my soul. It was a joy to experience it with friends and pups.

iPhone photo from our campsite between Casto and Losee Canyons on July 4.