Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Quick take on the Democratic debate

The 2020 election is less than 13 months away. Tonight I watched my first debate of this cycle. Here's my quick take.

Format: Candidate. How much I like them 1-10. How they did tonight 1-10. Comment.

Bernie--8. 7. I have always liked Bernie all right and love him at times. I’ve never supported him for president and still don’t, though I get his appeal. Too old.
Biden--2. 2. If he gets the nomination I’d support him. But I really dislike Joe. I always think of Clarence Thomas and Joe as a bumbling man. Too damn old.
Pete--9. 8. Wow. Pete’s awesome. He stumbled in his exchange with Beto on guns, but overall did well tonight. He’s so articulate, so sharp. He’s my favorite, but I lean toward Liz at this point.
Kamala Harris--9. 8. She scores high and overall did great tonight. I don’t think it’s her year, but quite like her.
Amy Klobuchar--7. 7. Amy did well tonight. She’s definitely not my choice but I was impressed with her.
Elizabeth Warren--9. 6. Love Liz and leaning her way. She didn’t blow me away tonight though.
Beto--3. 3. Ugh. So over Beto. Loved him in his fight against Cruz. He seems way out of his league. He still has good moments but for whatever reason has fallen the most in my book in 2019.
Cory Booker--8. 6. Really loved Cory. He did all right tonight. He’s low on my list as a potential nominee, but extremely likable.
Andrew Yang--4. 3. He didn’t register much. Seems pretty smart. Needs to drop out.
Julian Castro--5. 2. Same as Yang.
Tulsi Gabbard--2. 1. Who the hell is this? Like her less than Beto. Way less.
Tom Steyer--8. 4. I like this guy. I wish he was using his money in some other way. Not presidential timber.

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