Monday, May 29, 2017

Transforming my front yard: The new walk

Last summer and fall I designed and personally completed some major new xeriscaping in my back yard.

This spring it was time to focus on my long neglected front yard. The photo below does little justice to how bad the walk was. The bricks were uneven--dangerously so in spots. Weeds were a constant battle (I seemed to have been winning when I took this photo). The curb appeal was, well there wasn't much curb appeal, and not just because of the walk. But one thing at a time.

I took the plunge and rehired the contractor who did my patio. It was expensive, but what the hell right? The contractor ended up making a couple of major mistakes, which I won't elaborate on here, but the end result is a massive improvement:

The concrete is stamped and colored and looks so much better. 

The next photo is a closer to the house after I added more weed barrier and rock two days ago. 

I love this stuff . . . just wish it didn't cost so much. And yes, it's also time consuming and back breaking, but that's not all bad. Note the two surviving sage bushes of the three that I planted--five years ago. They are looking strong. 

Posted from Kuna, Idaho

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