Monday, March 30, 2015

New fence project, work day II

The second major work day arrived today to build the new fence at the rear of my property in the Avenues of Salt Lake City.

I took the day off work and wrangled some friends to help. Bryan, aka Cujo, is the engineer/designer of this fence. We began by setting the five middle posts in concrete. To the left in the photo below is Bryan2 (from my gym) and Jeff (leaning down). That's me on the right tipping the concrete.

The posts were set, and due to Bryan's commitment to precision, the line of seven 10-feet tall cedar posts was straight and square (7.5 feet of the posts are above ground).

The entire fence is made of quality cedar. There are six cedar 2 x 4's supporting each of the six sections. 

The fence is a monster. It stands 8 plus feet high from my side. On the uphill/neighbor's side it's six feet above the level of their back yard/parking lot. Bryan, below, is installing the 36th and final supporting 2 x 4. 
We began to get the fence boards up. It was getting late, we were getting tired, and Bryan struck blood, his blood, in a minor accident which made us call it a wrap. I was bummed at first (to be stopping) but I was tired too, so all was good. 

Tomorrow night, Tuesday, we hope to keep putting the boards up. 

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jade said...

This project started with a pile of cedar fence pieces that we've had sitting in our backyard for ages. My husband had just loaded a good portion of them into our chiminea to be burned when I got the idea for these signs and was able to save them from becoming ash. rod iron fence