Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend on the Coast

Travelogue post

I caught a cheap flight to California this past weekend, giving me a break from the routine.

My friends of 18 years, here known as Lady Kylie and Captain Thunderbolt, famous West Coast steampunkers, helped me get duded up for a night out in Pleasanton--a charming and pleasant little town in the East [SF] Bay area.  

Posing after our party with flowers found on the street. 

Stopped at the California Academy of Science, a natural history museum with a major emphasis on sustainability. It's something of a zoo in that it features a wide variety of live plants and animals. This includes jellyfish, brilliantly lit for effect . . .

Thunderbolt and Kylie generously loaned me their very cool Mini Cooper convertible. I'm cruising across the Golden Gate here, one of my favorite American landmarks. A friend took the next two photos. 

A sick friend, who I was unable to see, reminded me of the privilege of being healthy. 

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