Friday, February 22, 2013

Success! Salt Lake City historic home renovation, end of phase two

Not only did we finish some deferred projects, improving the place even more, I got an appraisal high enough to reach my goals! It was a lot of work, and a small miracle. I had significant help from generous and talented friends. The place is coming together.

The newly painted hall viewed from the kitchen.

The house is substantially renovated since my purchase in November 2011:
  • A second bathroom was added
  • Completely new kitchen from the floors to the ceiling and everything in between
  • Approx. 80% rewired
  • 100% replumbed
  • New laundry room
  • New roofing on the one section that was the most dated (the rest of the roof is in good shape)
  • Big start on landscaping (which like the rest of the house had been completely neglected)
  • Fully repainted inside
  • New floors throughout
  • Original bathroom 90% redone
  • Insulation added to every wall that was touched, over 50% of walls have heavy duty insulation now, versus none previously
    • The other walls are double-thick adobe brick which is well insulated by itself (unlike traditional brick)
  • And seemingly hundreds of other details
Next project . . . well there are many more things I want to do including expand into the second floor which has been shut for 100+ years--when the owner's at the time stopped using it, took out the stairs, and made it into an attic. Currently the second floor is only accessible via a ladder. There are about 900 square feet and high ceilings up there.

But the primary goal now is to spend very little money on home improvements for the rest of 2013. 


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Love this hall color!!!

bathroom sinks said...

Amazed with the hard work You put :) I wouldn't do by my self, too lazy I think :D Now need to do renovation and I through would do by my self, but then I realised that this could take ages, specially I never done ay renovations so I;m scared of it so much :) Good post and nice photos (in the previous)