Friday, February 15, 2013

More photos from the renovation

This is the 1950s kitchen as it looked when I bought the house. It didn't look too bad, until you started opening things, and it smelled old, because it was. The aqua tiles were plastic, and many were broken.  The cabinets were metal, rusty, and clunky. I took a sledge hammer to all of it the minute I took possession of the house. That was fun.

Here's the same angle after the main phase of renovation, it gives an idea, but barely. In the photo above where the dishwasher sits, that whole wall was removed. Also, a drop ceiling was removed making the ceiling much higher for the entire, and now larger, room:

I still need a new backsplash!

To see more photos of this Salt Lake City historic home renovation go to:

That post is from late October 2011. From that date through the end of March 2012 I did the bulk of the interior work and that is almost the exclusive content on the site during that time period. You can find these posts by following the link above and then clicking on "newer post" at the lower left of each post.

Also you can navigate by month on the upper right of any page with October 2011 through March of 2012 having the bulk of the house photos prior to this new round of work in February 2013.

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