Thursday, October 25, 2012

First valley snow = a bracing commute.

In my new era of carlessness there have been various milestones I've anticipated with some concern, yet none have proven (thus far) to be a big deal.

Yesterday I had my first colder weather wet commute on my bicycle.

Today I had my first commute in the snow.

My "commute" is by design quite short. Just over a mile. With proper clothes, it's really no big deal. The only thing missing this morning was goggles. Ironically my new steam punk goggles arrived yesterday, and I tried them on just this morning. It didn't occur to me that I should wear them to work (how cool looking would that have been?), but they would have served me perfectly.

Instead the sleety snow pelted my eyes. The wet dirty street water assaulted me from below (no practical fenders on my commuting bike).

Yet I arrived at work warm (except for my hands), dry, and a little invigorated from my foray into the natural world, a place that most Americans shield themselves from as much as possible.

I highly recommend going carless. These mini-adventures alone are well worth it.

Photo from Duk Miller taken this morning in another part of the Salt Lake Valley. Snowfall was similar in my neck of the woods.

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