Monday, April 30, 2012

The support network.

Cari has a strong network of friends and family. We've rallied to her support. Being in a modern hospital seems to require personal advocates.  At the very least having them nearby makes the stay more manageable and bearable. For the first 7-8 days Cari was very much out of it because of the heavy dosage of drugs she was on to deal with the extreme pain.

Rex Peterson, Cari's partner, and her close friend Alex Tuller, have made many trips, three hours of driving roundtrip, to support Cari. Rex was the original member of the overnight crew. As of day 10 Cari has not spent one night alone at the hospital. 

Susie Hout Baker, an old family friend who's originally from our hometown in Ohio, lives less than twenty miles from the hospital in Connecticut. She's been a huge support. This photo is from Saturday, April 28, just after Cari was moved out of the ICU into the regular part of the hospital. 

Sandy, Lisa, Simon, Mary, Claire, Flo, Vanessa, Dean, our mom and our brother John all have spent time with Cari in the first ten days after the incident. 

Countless others have sent their love and support. It's all appreciated!

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