Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Four weeks on!

I got the keys to my new house four weeks ago today. The original plan was to move in by today or tomorrow.

Not gonna happen.

At the moment the plumbing changes are almost finished. The floors are still ripped up. Many of the walls are down to their studs and some need new studs.

There is no water, no toilet, and the furnace is currently inoperable.

Electrical work needs to happen, drywall, flooring, etc., etc.

I've been going non-stop every possible moment myself, with friends, with helpers, and of course with the contractor who's doing the big stuff.

It's overwhelming but fun.

New target move-in date is by December 15, though at that point much will remain to be done.

After a 10-day frenzy of prepping and painting I am currently spearheading the furring out of the back porch so it can be insulated. That's where the laundry is being moved to and the space needs to stay above freezing.

My next big wishes from the contractor are to finish the plumbing, shore up a part of the foundation that was removed for the plumbing, get the furnace and water working again, reroute some heating in the kitchen and get the floor recovered with plywood, and then install the new flooring. After that, electric, drywall, paint, install the kitchen . . .

One bedroom is getting closer to being a finished room. Three walls and the ceiling are painted. Another wall needs to be rebuilt and I've decided to carpet that room. It also needs a new light fixture and possibly some other electrical work. The entry is also almost finished, just needs some touch-up paint--and attention to the floors (which will come later).

That's the update from a new homeowner in Salt Lake City. Thanks to everyone who's helped so far--with an honorable mention to Quinn, the mastermind who made it happen.

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