Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dale Chihuly's exhibit at the Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix

The Sonoran Desert is a magical place. The glass art of Dale Chihuly is a testament to the creativity of man. The combination of the two is breathtaking.

The scale of the exhibit was as impressive as each component. Pieces were strategically placed throughout the gardens. The effect went beyond whimsical fun to a level of artistry rarely seen. Dale Chihuly is one of the greats of our times. It is easy to see why his work has mass appeal.

As amazing as Chihuly’s work is, it pales next to nature itself. I saw an artichoke in full bloom, and that was the best art of the day. Nothing tops the beauty of nature, but Chihuly proved himself a maestro at enhancing it.

Jim Breitinger