Friday, October 31, 2008

Arizona’s Proposition 105—Part II

On this Halloween it is worth noting that Jason LeVecke’s Proposition 105 asks Arizona voters to amend their constitution in a way that automatically assigns a “No” vote to all dead voters who remain on the voting rolls. Maintaining the list of registered voters is a notoriously difficult and perpetually underfunded task.

Remember Prop 105 is only about changing the rules so that registered voters who don’t show up get their vote assigned for them by Mr. LeVecke and his crew whose only goal is to kill the initiative process. It is a rich irony that they are attempting to do this with the initiative process.

That’s just wrong.

Don’t let this Halloween’s witching hour become a part of our state’s constitution. Vote No on Prop 105. Visit for more.

As a great Arizonan said "Proposition 105 is a trick, not a treat."

Jim Breitinger

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Unknown said...

Jim, I appreciate the information. I was going to vote YES because I was only reading the summary language, which is apparently written much too vaguely to be fair. Your new information has swayed me to vote NO, nobody's vote should ever be chosen for them.

I have edited my blog accordingly.