Wednesday, September 10, 2008


He is busy, and work is crazy. He is still settling in to his new place with the Airstream. Tomorrow is perhaps the biggest day yet in a week of big days. The dog is unsettled.

Though the work day had already been twelve hours long, another four hours of work remain. Even with the work pending, he had to get some exercise. With the move and the rising pressures due to the busy post-Labor day rushes on all sides, the exercise routine took the hit.

Without exercise, sanity will go next.

Too late for Bikram and the dog needs a walk, but where?

They truly are in the barrio. Plan A seemed bad when it required parking on a strange, dark street with two vagranty looking types outside arguing. Plan B required almost seven miles of driving each way--damn, he thought, this is a sprawling city. A suburb on steroids.

They got their walk in, but spent as much time getting there. And even with all of the driving, the walk was less than ideal—it was an open area along a canal that is nice during the day, but is a homeless magnet at night—the Central Park of Phoenix.

That is it, he discovered, the worst part about the new setup, which otherwise seems like it has many advantages even charms (for the secretly trailer trash set at least).

There’s a plan C for walks with Jake too, he will try that next time. It is closer.

He yearns for open spaces.

Some of the most epic lands on the planet are not too far away. Even though he doesn’t see them nearly enough, just knowing they are there sustains him.