Monday, August 25, 2008

Just Breathe

One of my favorite people on the planet, who I'll call C, gave a talk that I was fortunate enough to hear about ten years ago on breathing. Just breathing. In her talk, C provided a detailed discussion on the power of breath. She pointed out how vital it is to our existence and how unconscious we tend to be of it. Breath sustains us, and if we pay attention, practice, and learn about it, it can be a powerful tool.

Tonight I am back in one of my homes away from home in Sedona. I am en route to a work related event in the morning.

The air is so fresh here. The fact that it just rained helped. The air of the metropolis south of here that is home once again is never, or at least rarely, this fresh.

The infusion of fresh juniper and pinyon pine-laced air is intoxicating. I am taking it in and loving it.

Sedona, Arizona