Saturday, May 24, 2008

"Well-read and all that"

I have a new poltical hero: Terry McAuliffe.

I am reading his memoir What a Party! My Life among Democrats: presidents, candidates, donors, activists, alligators, and other wild animals

He literally means alligators--he wrestled one once to secure a contribution to the Carter campaign of 1980.

I just read the following line which I found priceless: "New Yorkers like smart people, so long as it's New York smart, meaning not only well-read and all that, but shrewd and perceptive and open-eyed about how people really are." He goes on to describe Hillary as "whip-smart."

I just love that line: "well-read and all that."

People have told me I'm smart, and I agree I am not stupid--I've also been slow to open my eyes as to how people really are. In other words, my New York smarts have needed some developing. When discussing "how people really are" I am not implying they are generally one way or another (good or bad)--but there are ways of being human that I am often oblivious to.

I am learning though.

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