Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Parks Heat and Bikram

It was so hot yesterday that when I got home to the Airstream at about 8 PM I found a bottle of water on the counter that was hot to the touch. The water must have been over 100 degrees, or close to it.

And it's only May.

See the photo and entry titled "The Sonoran" (from March) for more on this.

There was an election in Phoenix yesterday, which I sadly didn't know until late in the day. The good news: a measure to improve city parks passed with 80% of the vote. This is unheard of for tax raising measures. Of course very few people were probably voting which no doubt helped the energized group of supporters. Still, it's great for Phoenix, a city whose parks need a boost.

I am back in the yoga studio these days practicing Bikram--the hot yoga. It's sooooo good for me. Just finished three days in a row. Will take today off.

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